Environment & Sustainability

Made in Kings Heath strives to be a zero waste producer and have a minimal impact on our environment and neighbourhood.

With this in mind we try to  minimise waste by

  • offering our visitors drinks and snacks from reusable glasses, mugs and plates
  • asking visitors to bring a reusable bag for any purchases
  • use recycled packing and paperboys only when needed.

Our Open Studio Art Trail takes place in the homes and studio workshops of the artist makers in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Kings Heath. We Kindly ask our visitors to respect both our neighbours and the artist makers privacy and properties.

We encourage local visitors to walk to and between the venues and for those travelling from further afield, we ask visitors to make use of public transport where possible.  Those having to the event , we ask you to park considerately. avoid blocking drives and endeavour to walk between the Open Studio Art Trail venues.

We politely ask visitors to

  • keep accompanying children under control,
  • respect the homes / work spaces of the artists
  • refrain from bringing dogs or other pets with them on the Art Trail.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us to  be a sustainable and mindful community event/