Spotlight On…Clare Wainwright Glass


What do you create? 
I create stained glass, small to medium suncatchers, pictures, Christmas tree decorations and a range of fused dichroic glass jewellery.

Where do you make your work? I work from home in my spare bedroom which has been converted to a lovely workroom.

What is your inspiration? Much of my inspiration is from the countryside , coastline and sea , especially in Cornwall . I love to scour the beaches for driftwood, shells, sea glass and tiny stones to incorporate into my work. There is also inspiration there from the changing  light, not only throughout the day but through the seasons as well and how this changes not only the colour of the sea and sky but also the vegetation on the cliffs.

kh driftwoodWhat have you been making recently? I have been experimenting this year with a bit more 3D work…. Snowdrops in pots and on driftwood, trees and cute cacti!

What materials and techniques do you work with? I work with glass that is mainly made by Spectrum in the USA. The type of glasswork I make is copper foiled (Tiffany style). It is a four step process. Initially the glass is cut manually, then it is ground, copper taped and finally soldered. Glass fusing is a simpler process where two or three layers of glass are stacked up, put in the kiln and fused together.

Which aspect(s) of your work do you enjoy most? I love the design aspect and deciding on the colours and colour combinations. Cutting is really enjoyable and also soldering. When it is soldered you can finally hold the piece up to the light to see what it really looks like!

Who inspires and influences you? As I mainly work in copper foiled (Tiffany) stained glass some inspiration and admiration comes from the founder of this technique, Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American born in 1848 who produced stunning windows, lamps, panels etc. Today I am also inspired by glass artist Julia Mills, who produces work with stunning etching on glass with amazing clarity and also Heather Frary, for her beautiful images painted and fired onto glass before assembling into panels.

Have you always been a Glass Artist? I have been a glass artist for about 18 years. I learnt stained glass at an adult education class and then went on several other courses to photoclarelearn about fusing, incorporating images into glass, inclusions and many other techniques. As well as being a designer/maker I now also teach stained glass and glass appliqué at the mac , Centre of England Arts and Winterbourne Gardens. Before this I trained in the food industry and worked at Birmingham University as a Food Research Technician.

Whilst I was teaching cookery at an Adult Education class I saw the work that had been done in the stained glass class there.  I remember thinking how amazing it was and that I would never be able to do it so I enrolled!

Where do you exhibit/ sell your work? I mainly sell my work at Moseley Arts market and at the MAC, as well as other local venues. I have a range of work in a shop in Cornwall, Cornish Bird in the Sticks and in Mangojuice Gallery in Worcester.


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